I have been busy preparing for my course next week, so I just thought as many of you have asked for some Parent Guidance as are struggling to get enough sleep as invariably your little darlings just won’t go off to the land of nod and let you get enough rest. Here goes!

So how? Firstly it is important to recognise how stressful bedtimes can often be, not only for parents! Children are about to be left on their own without the immediate reassurance of parents and other siblings. The bed is often cool and may take a while to be nice and cosy. Having spoken to many parents about their preferred bedtime routine (dinner, bath, PJ’s on, milk, bedtime story, leave to sleep) it occurs to me that this idyllic scenario is not always followed by a visit to the land of nod. Children often then get out of bed and head downstairs, or yell from the top of the stairs they need the toilet or a drink or anything! After several trips from parents up and down the stairs to put them back to bed they finally go off to sleep. We could thank our children here for allowing us the opportunity for so much additional exercise, just a thought.

Anyway, children (and grown-ups) often find that their routine sleep pattern is all out following an illness or partying and other exciting events. Others just need less sleep but find they nap during the day. This is normal and the ideal is to get back into a regular sleep pattern as quickly as possible. Watching TV, playing on an iPad, tablet, iPhone and such like keeps the brain alert and active, STOPping the use of any electrical equipment allows the brain to prepare for natural sleep.

Sleep can be a hard subject to master and is very specific to those involved. If you are having difficulties encouraging your child to get off to sleep, I have heard very good things about the following book “The rabbit who wants to fall asleep” by Carl – Johan Forsenn Ehrin. This book uses an innovative technique to bring a calm end to your child’s day and will require a level of interaction from you as the parent in the way it is read. Although those of us who have read any bedtime story will know that this usually happens anyway, as after all it tends to be pretty much demanded from us by whoever is on the receiving end of the story!

I would love to have your feedback. Until next week….

With much love and appreciation

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