I cannot believe that over a month has passed since my first blog to you all!  From your feedback I’m pleased that you’re finding them interesting and for some of you helpful too.

I promised to share the top 3 ways of saying hello with you all following last week’s feedback, but before I do that as there are a number of you who have asked if I run workshops around these topics my answer is I definitely would be open to suggestions on which topics would be most helpful and also if it would be easier for you if it was virtual based rather than having to attend at a venue.  I did however, promise some of you information on my current series of five 2 ½ hour workshops linked with life coaching, this month starting next Friday 16th October with “Discovering your life purpose.”  Here’s the link to find out more.  They are about Personal and Spiritual Transformation (another subject very close to my heart).

So following on from last week, here you are with some of the responses regarding funny ways to say hello….

1) “My nephews son bounces up to you and if he likes you he gives you a hug, if not he just bounces away again!”

2) “Look what the cat dragged in.”

3) “Ah there you are!”

4) “Mum, it’s that ‘WOT Know’ from across the road at the door!”

Thank you for taking the time to share them with us, and my final thought for this week is the funny things that kids say, we have all experienced these, some situations more embarrassing than others – I have to say!  I love their honest literal interpretations.

With much love and appreciation,

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