Hello to you all again. Following on from my post on my Face Book page the other day.  As the media seems to be in quite a frenzy following the recent events in France, Japan, Baghdad, Beirut, Mexico we are all reading about praying more, hugging the world and showing compassion.  I find it interesting that this happens so soon after Armistice Day!  What I find interesting is that the energy behind the “let’s all be loving” is driven by the unnamed “fear, anger and hatred” that is being perpetuated from recent devastation.

I wonder if this too is part of the intricate nature of families.  When we idealise the loving and caring environment with which children can be nurtured and grow.  Is this a reality or is it healthier for all the emotions to be given an airing?  Is it during this airing that all round nurturing can be actualised?

I notice so often that parents get frustrated, annoyed and angry with the behaviour, opinions and reactions of not only those around them, but also with their children.  I wonder if this perpetuates for the parents their own resources for dealing with emotions, behaviour and opinions.  Do they admit them either out loud or to themselves?

A really good article has been published very much around this subject by Brad Evans (How do we tell our children about the violence in paris?)  It is well worth a read and most certainly begins asking the questions about what do we tell our children when they ask about violence, fear, terrorism, death, dying, and the like.  I’m wondering if anyone has yet been brave enough to write around how these images across the media are shown before the watershed.  What is the point of having a watershed to protect both young people and also parents from some of these uncomfortable questions that get raised following the use of these images?

Whilst there are plenty of ways for parents to work around informing children, I wonder if the need to do so is inappropriate.  What do you tell your children?  I look forward to your answers below.

Until next time, hope you all have a great week and enjoy your little cherubs!

With much love and appreciation,

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