Hello to you all again,

Wow! A week goes by so quickly, I cannot believe it’s Friday again and time for my weekly blog, they say time passes quicker the older we get………….so in that case can I please cancel all future birthdays?? or, maybe not as I don’t want to miss out on seeing and celebrating with my friends each year.  I know that many children think this is a really funny thing to say about how time passes quicker the older you get – after all how can it? Really???? And it always amuses me to hear the funny things kids say – to them it makes perfect sense and is just their interpretation of something they have heard and then taken quite literally.

Me and the team were sharing some of the hilariously inappropriate stories when one them said that a few years ago, when she popped in to see one of her friends.  They were all very well spoken and were having a conservatory built and it was nearing completion.  So she asked her friend “when will it be finished?”  To which the older daughter piped up with the priceless “On Monday as long as the Bloody Builders turn up!”  When we finally composed ourselves.  Which for one meant a short break, we began to remember so many more funny little things we have heard children say over the years, some more embarrassing than others.

An absolute classic was about 12 years ago when my nephew at the tender age of three, had helped me to put my horse out into the field.  On returning one of the other horse owners said “Did you walk all that way on your own?  That’s a long way for you.”  and without missing a beat he replied with “It’s no problem for me, I’ve got long ankles!”   We both still laugh about this even to this day.

Another time I was walking through a wood and holding the hand of a one year old little girl who kept bursting with laughter almost every time she took a step.  Well it took me a while I have to confess to find the cause of her enjoyment.  Any ideas you are willing to offer up? I will tell all next week, but would like to know your thoughts.

I could go on and on recalling all the amazing gems that make up a part of who they are, but as these writings are designed to help you with your children I’m going to stop now as the tears are running down my face with all the memories, including one about grapes, and drinking beer at the seaside!  So back to you, what quirky memories make you smile and fill your heart, and lets face it, it’s these times that show you the real them?

With much love and appreciation,

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