Well Hello to you all again!

I hope you have all had a good week, mine has been rather fun and exciting.  I have had the privilege of meeting some lovely families lately, and as ever there are always small issues that people would like help with.  I always assume it must be a bit like being a GP – once people know what you do for a living they are often coming to you with their ailments etc for a quick diagnosis.  I say this as on a recent routine trip to see my lovely doctor we had this exact same conversation.

But, as ever, my intention here today is to not only keep you updated with my life as a Parent Guidance Coach but also to help in some small way if I can into bringing children’s voices to the adult world.

My friend’s young son had recently decided that he really didn’t want Daddy when he got home from work.  He didn’t want daddy to read him a bedtime story, or stay with him whilst Mummy had 5 Minutes of me time.  This is so often the case and can happen either way around to each parent.  As Daddy’s are often the one at work (even in today’s world), he is normally the person to feel the hurt of this most.  It is a natural response though, time needs to be shared out between parents and the quickest way to fix this problem is for Daddy to make a point of spending say half a day a week with their child where they go and do things together like going swimming and this is the really important bit, it needs to be something both enjoy and want to do, keep it FUN!  Remember it’s QUALITY not quantity that can make the biggest difference here.

Soon your child will really start to look forward to this time together, and in turn want to spend more of their time with you, even ask you to read that bedtime story with them. It is such a simple thing to do, but has a massive positive effect for the whole family, especially as Mummy may actually start to get that little bit of “Me” time (yes I know, you’ll probably end up spending it catching up with the washing and housework………) but try to sit down with a well earnt cup of tea or even occasionally book something to do, then you can come home and share that with the family ie “I went to an exhibition today and saw….” , well we can all dream and you know what? Sometimes dreams really do come true!

So enjoy your time together, and let me know what those great times are that you have had together.

With much love and appreciation,

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