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Well I have been busy this past week, so far I have completed the first 3 of a series of 5 workshops on your life purpose………….and it has been amazing. Such great clients, really interactive and also good fun had along the way.   I love being able to facilitate their personal growth.

As for my blog this week, I felt it appropriate today to base it around the theme of anxiety and anxiousness as this is an issue that a client has been dealing with lately.  Anxiety can strike at any age but it can become quite distressing for all concerned when it is occurring in your child.  From starting new schools or groups to visits to hospitals for various reasons.

If the cause of the anxiety cannot be changed, like in the case of hospital visits, then it is a good start to work out WHAT to do that can help.  I am sure you are all familiar with comfort blankets and parents tee-shirts but another option for older children may be to positively charge up a super hero vest or something similar.  By charging up I mean giving them a specific item of clothing to wear in situations where you know they are going to enjoy themselves and have fun, and then keep making positive comments.  This is so that the association of wearing that item is positive and happy, a bit like wearing your pair of lucky socks or your pulling pants!!!  Once super charged this can then be worn underneath the normal clothes so that it can be felt close on the skin.  This would obviously not be very suitable with long term bouts of anxiety as the clothing’s charge changes, but in these cases other options can be better suited.  In various therapies this is very similar to anchoring a desired state.

Renee Jain also writes a brilliant article on this.  Click here for the link.

Just to give you all a heads up in November I will be running a free question and answer session, designed for those of you with various problems or issues within your family unit.  I am looking into running this as a teleseminar to make it easier for everyone.  The date and time are yet to be confirmed, keep an eye open on the Facebook page for date etc, and all contact and booking details will be confirmed then.  In the meantime if you want to ask me anything then don’t forget you can drop me a quick email.

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