The Northern Synergy foundation

The Parent Coaching service has been set up to give frazzled parents support when their children become a source of stress.

The founder is Louisa North who has many years of experience from her early career as a professional Nanny. Louisa works with groups who specialise in the care of children who have been diagnosed with a variety of labels from Autism and ADHD as well as with parents who have struggled with their children as a result of family changes.

A Parent Coach must be able to speak the language of the child and translate this into terms an adult can understand. Difficult behaviour is often a form of communication.

Coaching takes place predominantly by phone and Skype – allowing you to fit it into your schedule more easily than face-to-face interventions.

If you have behaviour problems with your child and you’re finding that your discipline methods aren’t working, you’ll find your Parent Coach will provide both practical and emotional support through difficult baby or child parenting challenges.