Have you got a ‘naughty’ child?


No child is perfect, but when you are the parent of a child that seems to have no conception of what ‘normal’ behaviour is it can be draining. The younger the child is the more excuses are made for unacceptable behaviour;  but regardless of the age of your child, dealing with a constant bad behaviour can be incredibly stressful.

If you have child behaviour problems applying discipline is not always the answer. Many child psychologists will recommend a whole range of child discipline methods for consistent bad behaviour, but these often address the symptoms, not the problem.

Being a parent is always a challenge – and, as the saying goes, a child doesn’t come with a handbook, so it’s not unusual to find that a situation has developed where your child’s behaviour is causing a problem – and you have no clue what has caused it. Sometimes you need help.

Parental Guidance Coaching Will:

  • Offer insights into how your child acts, thinks and feels.
  • Offer insight into how you act, think and feel.
  • Give you the skills to deal with challenging situations before they arise.

You can find out more about Parent coaching here. Do check out the blog page too where you’ll find lots of tips and advice.